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We enable organisations of any size to utilize blockchain-based technology to transform their supply chain: optimized, transparent and reliable. With our powerful toolset, we can create a solution that meets your specific needs.

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Redefining the way organizations operate their supply chain

Unchain was founded to unleash the potential of blockchain technology for any company. Our mission is to provide organizations with solutions to simplify data sharing and transacting within their supply chain. We believe that blockchain technology can and will play an important role in any company. We are here to make sure that we meet current and future technological demands and service any of your needs. 

Why choose Unchain

blockchain at heart

Blockchain at heart

Blockchain is in our DNA. Our core focus on blockchain technology makes us unique. We provide solutions that truly impact organizations.

Unlimited scalability

Unlimited scalability

Our blockchain as a service is scalable to any level. We have created tools that allow us to adapt to your current needs and future wants.

Intergration expert


Connecting your mobile, web- or existing business applications to your blockchain network can be challenging. The Blockchain Gateway makes this more feasible.

About Unchain

We help organizations connect

Unchain offers plug-and-play and low code solutions, like the Blockchain Gateway. These enable organizations, as well as blockchain networks, to simplify, accelerate, secure and lower the costs of implementing seamless interoperability with zero to minimal impact on existing applications. We do this with an extremely talented group of developers. We are here to help any type of organization with the best blockchain solutions!

Meet the team


Jelle van de Ploeg

Managing Director Product & Strategy


Arjen Schaap

Managing Director Finance & Legal


Olaf Hasker

Managing Director Sales & Marketing

Leroy Jansen

Leroy Jansen

Sales Director

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