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Unchain and R3 deliver blockchain application enabling KLM to simplify financial processes

AMSTERDAM, February 25 , 2020 – Today,, a Dutch software services provider, announced it has successfully delivered a strategic finance application for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in partnership with enterprise software firm R3.   The KLM Digital Studio is meant to explore how new technologies like blockchain can enhance internal processes and discover potential business models across KLM. As a result of this exploration KLM Finance has set out to use blockchain to handle the intercompany settlements process of KLM with its subsidiaries. With the objective to simplify the accounting process in a secure and efficient manner, worked inclose co-operation

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How can you start with blockchain integration in your company?

Jelle van der Ploeg, CTO of Unchain will answers today’s question.   Intro Every integration is established with the purpose to make data flow easier from A to B. This goes for integrations within a company’s application landscape as well as integrations from one company to another company. The context for this improved data flow is almost always that it benefits an organisation’s processes, therefore saving time and money. Blockchain integration is in that sense not much different, but instead of improving an internal business process or a process with one counterparty, you are doing this for an entire business

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Why is blockchain interoperability so important?

Our CEO Arjeh van Oijen will be answering this question today. Intro At the moment a large number of blockchain networks are emerging. Each blockchain network has its own specific functional focus and targets a specific community. For instance in the financial services industry all types of blockchain networks are appearing each with its own specific focus, such as cross border payments, trade finance, securities, syndicated loans, KYC and many more. But also in one single area multiple blockchain networks have been launched. Example Good example is trade finance, an area where multiple blockchain networks have been set up by

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Aren’t government-backed currencies better than Bitcoin?

Our CEO Arjeh van Oijen will answer this question today   Intro Bitcoin and other crypto currencies caused a complete paradigm shift in the way currencies (and other tokenized assets) are issued and kept in custody. In the traditional world, the issuance of currencies are controlled by central banks that are assigned by governments to regulate the value of value of the currency. This value is measured against the price of products and services. The change in value of a currency against products and services is called inflation (increase) and deflation (decrease).    The challenge A key task for most

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What benefits does blockchain offer over other security tools?

Our CEO Arjeh van Oijen will be answering this question today! Blockchain technology include security functions for data integrity (hashing), confidentiality (encryption), authenticity (digital signatures) as well as key management (PKI). These security functions are based on the same open standardized security algorithms and protocols that are also used in other security tools. From that perspective there is not much difference. The key differentiator is that these security capabilities are an integral part of the complete blockchain technology stack, such as the data exchange and consensus protocols, data storage and smart contract capability. That means one does not need to

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What are some of the digital assets blockchain can protect besides bitcoin?

Our CEO Arjeh van Oijen will be answering today’s question.   Intro Before we start looking at which assets are ideally registered on a blockchain, we will look into why blockchains are appropriate for digital assets in the first place. Blockchain networks are ideally suited to register and transfer digital assets because they prevent participants from double-spending an asset. Next to that, only a person with the appropriate authorisation and means of authentication can make changes or transfer an asset. We will go into these two aspects in a bit more detail.   Double-spending and immutability A blockchain network ensures

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