Blockchain Network Interoperability

Addressing the challenges of blockchain network interoperability

The number of (permissioned) blockchain networks is growing rapidly, each one focussing on a specific business area and/or community. But because business processes are not restricted to the boundaries of these blockchain networks, it is essential that these networks are able to interoperate with each other. Interoperable blockchain networks can create much more business value for the participating parties than when they operate in isolation.

One of the key challenges in establishing blockchain network interoperability is how to preserve the distributed trust model that underpins blockchain technology. In other words, how to avoid that one single component (node, connector) in the infrastructure is capable to adjust data (transactions) on its own. such a way that it can    without in the Another key challenge is the secure distribution and storage of security (private) keys with which the transactions between the networks are secured.

The Unchain Blockchain Gateway has been designed to enable the interoperability between blockchain networks whilst preserving the distributed trust model of blockchain. It can not only be used to transfer assets between different blockchain networks, it supports the exchange of any type of data between  This is

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