Improved registration and modification for Dan.com using blockchain technology

The impact of blockchain technology on transparency

DAN.COM was founded in 2014 and is concerned with solving the biggest problems in the domain industry. The platform makes transferring domains easier, safer and faster. According to Trustpilot, DAN.COM is rated as the best domain marketplace in the world and the fourth-best marketplace in general. Dan.com wished to face some of their key challenges: registration, settlement, and modification in shared ownership of internet domain names.

How does blockchain technology fit into this story?

A blockchain network has been set up to register and transfer the (shared) ownership of internet domains. The ownership transfer is linked to the financial settlement, which, in the future, will take place via a blockchain network.

What role did Unchain play?

Our contributions to the project were the following:

  • the design of the distributed solution​;
  • The development of the distributed application on Hyperledger Besu (Ethereum);
  • The integration of the existing DAN.COM systems based on the Unchain Blockchain Gateway Integration Suite;
  • Deployment of the network on the Blockchain Gateway.

The added business value for Dan.com

What are the results: transparent and immutable registration and transfer of internet domain ownership. This functionality could have been developed with traditional (non-blockchain) technology. However, the total effort and cost would have been 2-3 times higher than without the use of blockchain technology.

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