How we helped Vattenfall realize a more decentralized energy grid

The blockchain solution that made the registration of decentralized energy immutable

Powerpeers, now Vattenfall, believes that every individual can contribute to the transition to clean energy. The dream of Vattenfall and Powerpeers is that everyone can utilize sustainable and self-generated energy. By giving ‘power’ to the ‘peers’, Powerpeers looks to make the Dutch energy market more personal, fair and sustainable. In collaboration with Unchain, they created a platform to distribute power from ‘prosumers’ to consumers as the first step towards a more decentralized energy grid.

What role did Unchain play?

Our contributions to the project were the following:

  • the design of the distributed solution​;
  • The development of the distributed application based on Hyperledger Fabric;
  • The integration of existing data sources of the customer based on the Blockchain Gateway;
  • Deployment of the solution on Vattenfall’s premise.

A decentralized energy grid: tamper-proof and secure

We provided additional customer value by adding trust in the way energy gets allocated between prosumers and consumers. Using a blockchain network, the registration of energy distribution data had been made secure and tamper-proof.

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