Blockchain as a service

Blockchain as a service

We help you pick the perfect blockchain solution for your supply chain, all while deploying a fully managed blockchain infrastructure for your proof of concept, pilot, or production network.

Managed blockchain infrastructure

With blockchain technology on its way to reach production level, we will be seeing more production applications changing the way organizations interact with each other. This can potentially change the way people work, both in the office as well as in the field. This is why we make it incredibly easy to connect existing systems to new blockchain solutions. You can benefit from the ease and certainty of blockchain transactions in a well-known environment. The Blockchain Gateway allows you to connect any business application to any blockchain network.

Why you want to use blockchain as a service

infrastructure cost

Infrastructure costs

Building a sound blockchain infrastructure can be challenging and costly. We alleviate this by considering high availability, back-ups and maintainability.



You can transfer value, or sensitive data, when utilizing blockchain networks. Getting the security of your network and connection right is crucial.



Connecting your mobile, web- or existing business applications to your blockchain network can be challenging. The Blockchain Gateway makes this more feasible.

Blockchain as a service

The right blockchain network for your solution

Every blockchain use case is different. This means that you need the right technological fit for your solution. Unchain runs public Ethereum nodes to give you access to the Ethereum mainnet and test networks. In addition, retrieving historic transactions and ledger states is made possible due to our archive nodes. It’s also possible to run your own dedicated Ethereum node and become part of the network. For private business networks, we offer Hyperledger Besu and Corda. Hyperledger Besu offers private and confidential transactions with the benefit of support from the Ethereum developer community and Linux Foundation.

What Unchain can do for you

mulitple protocols

Multiple protocols

Pick the right blockchain protocol for your use. Choose from public Ethereum, Hyperledger Besu or Corda.

Easy connectivity

Easy connectivity

Connect your mobile or web application with ease, or even integrate with your existing business applications out-of-the-box.

Straithforward pricing

Straightforward pricing

Know what you pay for your blockchain network, without having to use your calculator. That’s the transparent pricing we aim to give.

Want to use Unchain as a developer?

How to get Unchain to help you further as a developer

Unchain to help you further as a developer

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