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Transform your supply chain into a true value chain by implementing blockchain-based solutions that increase visibility, traceability and automation.

Applied blockchain for supply chains

Unchain helps organizations understand and explore how blockchain-based solutions solve supply chain challenges. Our team has a wealth of experience in how reliable information exchange can lead to optimized supply chains. We have worked on designing, building and implementing over 25 blockchain business solutions. Discover how your organization can benefit from Tradelink and how our Software-as-a-Service business solution Bravenfelt optimizes supplier compliancy.

Transform your supply chain with blockchain



Improve transparency across multiple tiers in the supply chain, use insights to assess upstream supplier risks, and enable downstream demand forecasting.

Smooth onboarding


Automate functions in the supply chain related to logistics, manufacturing, finance, and accounting with our business solutions.

Proof of concept


Our supply chain solutions provide insight into a product’s history across its supply chain. Create end-to-end traceability together with your business partners.

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Tradelink, our framework for supply chain solutions

Every industry has its supply chain challenge, which requires its own business solution. With Tradelink, Unchain offers a toolbox to achieve the right technological fit for any supply chain challenge. Tradelink is an open framework, a software toolbox to provide business solutions that enable automation, visibility and traceability based on best practices and global industry standards. When using Tradelink in your supply chain, you can connect your organization, suppliers, partners and customers to the public Tradelink network. The Tradelink network allows for trusted exchanges of value and data to support all your supply chain solutions.

Bravenfelt, our solution for supplier management & compliance

Bravenfelt transforms how we deal with document compliance and everything involved with onboarding new suppliers in the food and beverage industry. The stakeholders in document compliance, such as procurement officers, quality managers and regulatory affairs specialists, need to share many documents, certificates, and initial supplier questionnaires with suppliers. The continuous flow of these documents is woven into daily emails about negotiations, availability and other case-related topics are a nuisance. Let alone the follow-up emails when certificates expire. Explore how Bravenfelt helps organizations improve administrative processes in supplier management and implement a continuous compliance process.

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Unchain for consortia

Start with a proof of value

We have developed a proven method to help organizations explore blockchain use cases for supply chains. We assist organizations in strategic areas of application, business value and the impact of blockchain technology. This starts with a use case selection workshop, followed by an engagement in creating a business case and design. With this structured approach, we provide development services to move from a design plan to an adequate business solution.

What Unchain can do for you

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Exploration and strategy

We help organizations to understand blockchain technology and explore strategic areas of application, possible business value, and impact.

Easy connectivity

Proof of concept and pilot

We design and build proofs-of-concept or pilots for organizations and consortia to help them assess the feasibility of blockchain-based solutions.

Straithforward pricing

Architecture and design

We support organizations and consortia with the architecture and design of desired blockchain applications and blockchain networks.

Intergration expert

Business solution development

We help organizations with the development and deployment of supply chain solutions and the integration with existing applications in production environments.

How our supply chain solutions have worked before

Get to know how Unchain helps you to build a transparent supply chain using blockchain technology