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We help you explore Web3 technologies and implement innovative solutions related to digital assets, NFTs and the metaverse. Start building the next generation of the internet together with Unchain.

Unchain helps you unleash the
possibilities of Web3

Web3, also known as Web 3.0, describes the latest iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology. Web3-based solutions build upon decentralization of data, self-sovereign identities and token-based economics. Our team has designed, built and implemented over 25 blockchain proofs-of-concept, pilots, and production applications. This includes well-known Web3 use cases such as digital assets, NFTs, and the metaverse. We have done this for organizations in a wide range of industries based on various blockchain and DLT technologies, using both public and private blockchain networks.

Unchain helps you find the best
way to utilize Web3

Applying blockchain

Applying Web3
in the right way

We help your organization fully grasp the benefits of Web3 and transform concepts into working Web3-based solutions.

Complex integrations

dApp & smart contract development

We have experience in designing and building distributed applications (dApps) and smart contracts for Web3-based business solutions.

problem statement to production

From problem statement to production

With our Proof of Value approach, we can guide you from a designed plan to building a live solution.

Proof of value

Start with a Proof of Value

We have developed a proven method to help organizations understand how Web3 technologies can impact them. With our Proof of Value approach, we assist in exploring strategic areas of application, business value and the impact of blockchain and Web3 on their organization and industry. This starts with a use case selection workshop, followed by an engagement in which we create a business case and design. With this structured approach, we provide development services to move from a design plan to an adequate business solution.

What Unchain can do for you

Exploration and strategy

Exploration and strategy

Unchain helps organizations to understand Web3 and blockchain. We explore strategic areas of application and how to make an impact with our technology.


Proof-of-concept and pilots

We design and build proofs-of-concept and pilots for organizations to help them assess the value and feasibility of Web3-based solutions.

Architecture and design

Architecture and design

We support organizations and consortia with the architecture and design of Web3 applications and the blockchain networks they wish to realize.

Production applications

Business solution development

We help organizations with the development and deployment of Web3-based solutions and the integration with existing applications in production environments.

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