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Whether you are a finance specialist, a supply chain manager or involved in procurement, compliance, and quality management, Unchain has the right solution waiting for you.

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We help finance specialists optimize business processes using blockchain, which increases trust and efficiency in cross-company administration.

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Supply chain

Unchain assists supply chain professionals in optimizing their supply chains and business processes using blockchain, which increases visibility and transparency.

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Compliance & quality management

With our business solution Bravenfelt we simplify compliance and supplier management. Gain trust by increased transparency and always know your suppliers.

Unchain for CXO


As a finance specialist, it is up to you to manage all financial processes for the organization and its stakeholders. Unchain helps your finance department to utilize blockchain-based software solutions that improve critical administrative processes. We support finance specialists in their digital transformation journey with several use cases such as invoice automation.

How finance specialists benefit from using Unchain software services

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Less manual labor

Business processes

Increased data accuracy and integrity

Higher revenues

Real-time insights and transactions

Supply chain

Blockchain technology has many benefits for supply chain managers. The most popular results are traceability, transparency, and automation. A network of organizations in a supply chain can leverage a shared ledger to optimize workflows, accountability, and transparency. Unchain offers Tradelink, our framework that enables you to increase visibility and traceability in your supply chain and helps your organization to automate supply chain events. Over the recent years, we have created several traceability systems in which we tracked products throughout a supply chain—for example, tracking the distribution of medicines from producer to patient or oranges from farm to fork.

How supply chain management benefits from using Unchain software services

Optimized value

End-to-end visibility and traceability

Business processes

Cross-company process automation

Higher revenues

Rapid product recalls

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Compliance & quality management

As a compliance or quality manager, you are responsible for safeguarding quality issues and ensuring that your organization is compliant with regulations and industry standards. Together with industry specialists from the food industry, we have developed our business solution Bravenfelt, which helps organizations improve administrative processes in supplier management and implement a continuous compliance process. Compliance and quality managers use Bravenfelt to reduce preparation time for external audits and automate the exchange of documents such as certificates, product specifications and recall protocols with their suppliers.

How compliance and quality managers benefit from using Unchain software services

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Streamlined supplier risk management

Flexible usage

Less manual and recurring activities

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More control in compliance processes

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