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Easy, fast and

Releasing the potential of blockchain

The potential business value of blockchain technology (or DLT) is almost limitless. But the success of blockchain networks will strongly depend on the pace with which new organisations join these networks. The biggest barrier for the onboarding is the costs and impact of (securely) integrating their existing systems and/or devices of these organisations with these blockchain networks.

Unchain offers a solution, the Blockchain Gateway, that simplifies, accelerates and secures the integration of applications and devices with blockchain networks so that the barrier for organisations to join blockchain networks is kept as minimal as possible.

The Unchain Blockchain Gateway is blockchain technology (or DLT) agnostic and can be used to 

integrate any application or device with any blockchain network.

Business Value of the Blockchain Gateway

Cost Efficient

Up to 80% reduction of integration effort and costs

Fast Blockchain Integration


6-10 times faster onboarding on blockchain network

Secure Blockchain Integration Solutions


Secure management and

storage of secrets and keys


Proven solution supporting 

multiple technologies

Easy to use

Intuitive without need

of in-depth expertise


Designed for high availlability 

and scalability

The Blockchain Gateway : Easy, open, flexible and secure

One intuitive user console for configuring, deploying, monitoring and managing all blockchain integrations.

Open architecture and SDK to create plug-and-play custom integration components.

Secure management and storage of keys and secrets in software or hardware based vault.

Meets highest non-functional requirements (high availability, scalability, low latency).

Flexible deployment models to meet your preferences

Saas Unchain Blockchain Solution

SaaS deployed in market leading cloud platform 

Flexible Deployment Unchain Gateway

Deployment in private cloud of choice

Deployment in on-premise infrastructure with Unchain Gateway

Deployment in on-premise infrastructure

  • 100% deployment in Kubernetes managed Docker environment
  • Supports also hybrid deployment across public/private cloud and on-premise infra
  • Designed for HSM support for tamper proof storage of security keys
  • Meets highest non-functional requirements in terms of scalability and availability

Who should be interested?

Participants of blockchain networks


Easier and faster onboarding to blockchain networks. Lower blockchain network integration investments (4 -6 times lower). Secure (private) key storage and management

Blockchain consortia and networks


Easier access to network via plug-and-play integrations. Lower participant onboarding costs & Accelerate network growth in terms of participants and traffic

Solution Integrators


More attractive market proposition (faster and cheaper blockchain integration). Less dependency on (scarce) blockchain specialists & New revenue opportunities through re-sellable adapters

Cloud Providers


More complete and attractive blockchain eco-system proposition. New revenue streams of hosting of blockchain gateway software & Generates additional revenue for existing cloud services (e.g key management / HSM)

Application Vendors


More attractive market proposition with blockchain integration capabilities. Accelerates go-to-market in comparison with own development & New revenue opportunities through re-sellable blockchain integrations

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