Digital transformation in your supply chain

How Unchain’s Proof of Value is the start of transforming your supply chain

How Unchain’s Proof of Value is the start of transforming your supply chain

Blockchain can have a transformative impact on your supply chain. To maximize the potential it will have on your business and those of your clients, we deliver a Proof of Value that serves as the foundation of implementing blockchain technology inside your organization and the organizations you collaborate with. The benefit of a Proof of Value for your business is that we will research, interview, shape a business case, design, and share our future vision for your supply chain. You will have a concrete plan to start implementing blockchain in your supply chain without the need for internal resource allocation.

From challenge to solution


Problem statement

The first step is to define the problem statement in detail and create a stakeholder map. By performing desk research and interviews with domain experts, a detailed picture will be created of the challenge at hand from the perspective of the different participants in your supply chain.
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Business case

Based on the information gathered, a business case is shaped that describes the value and benefits from the perspective of the different network participants.
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Solution design

With a refined challenge statement and the defined incentives for the network participants a solution is
designed for a minimum viable product. The solution design contains the architecture for a pilot and a project plan to execute the pilot.

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Here comes an epic title

It’s up to you to realize sustainable and profitable growth for the organization and its stakeholders. In addition, you facilitate team results and help individual team members grow. In order to achieve all this, core organizational processes need to be in place and run superbly. These include production processes, sales, logistics, finance and working with third parties.

Unchain helps organizations to utilize blockchain-based software solutions to assist in optimizing critical business processes with unrivaled results. We increase visibility and facilitate process improvements. Our blockchain-based platform supports leaders with process and value chain optimization, leading to higher revenues and optimal cost levels.

A collaborative approach
for success

The success of a proof of value relies on the input from domain experts to accurately define the challenge. Hearing from domain experts that ‘face’ this challenge in their day- to-day working life within your organization and at your suppliers, partners or customers is essential. Over the course of four weeks, we will work together to come to a detailed business case for the different stakeholders and design a solution. In a next phase, this proof of value serves as a blueprint for a pilot with a select number of participants to measure real-world value.
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